Refer a Job Vacancy And Earn Up to $2000

Terms & Conditions

  • A Valid Referral occurs where you advise us of the job vacancy details (including contact details of the hiring company) and we confirm that we are not currently working on that vacancy.
  • A Referral Reward is only payable where we subsequently place a consultant into the referred vacancy within 3 months of the date of the Valid Referral.
  • The referral is specific to the vacant role and not the hiring company. Where the Valid Referral results in a contract placement then the Referral Reward is based on $2.00 per hour for each hour that the Milestone IT contractor works on the contract assignment up to a maximum of 1000 hours.
  • Where the Valid Referral results in a permanent placement then the Referral Reward will be $1000 (where the gross salary is $100000 or more) or $500 (where the gross salary is less than $100000).
  • The maximum Referral Reward payable for any referral is capped at $2000. Payment of the Referral Reward for a contract assignment is made fortnightly in arrears and calculated on the hours worked by the Milestone IT contractor during the previous fortnight.
  • Payment of the Referral Reward for a permanent placement is payable at the successful conclusion of the guarantee period applicable to the placement (typically 3 months after commencement) and only after Milestone IT has received a placement fee from the client.
  • A Referral Reward will not be payable where, in the opinion of Milestone IT, a conflict of interest exists, including any breach of confidentiality obligations.
  • To avoid a potential conflict of interest, a Referral Reward will not be payable where a current Milestone IT contractor (or a consultant placed by Milestone IT) refers a role within a company at which they are currently engaged or employed.

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After providing this information, you will receive an email confirming that you have provided us with this information which will confirm your referral which is subject to our Terms & Conditions.

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